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ITSW 1401 - Introduction to Word Processing

To complete the Final examination, click on the below link.

Take the Online Final Examination Examination now -

The exam file is somewhat large, so please allow it time to load prior to printing.


There will be no time limit for this examination. After clicking on the link you will be directly taken to a 90 question exam. You will be required to answer 50 of these question for a possible total of 100 points.  For extra credit you will be allowed to answer 5 additional questions, however this is not mandatory. The maximum number allowed to be answered will be 55.  During this examination, if you leave this web site for any reason your work will not be saved, because of this is will be advisable to print the exam, write down your answers and come back to the online version to input your answers. Upon submitting your exam, a preliminary score will be sent to your email address and the exam answers will be emailed to the instructor. Save you handwritten exam incase there are any difficulties with needed technologies during the exam. 


I hope that you have found this to be an acceptable method of testing, your feedback would be appreciated.