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Central Texas College, Okinawa Japan

ITSC 2439

Personal Computer Help Desk



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I am a 36 years old United States Marine and happily stationed with my family on what I consider as the gorgeous island of Okinawa.  My wife of 15 years, and our two boys, have enjoyed the warm climate the laid back culture and the friendly people for the past 5 years. Recently we have extended my tour here, which means we will not leave Okinawa until I retire in the spring of 2004.

 My career in the Marine Corps has been both demanding and rewarding.  The most gratifying position would be without a doubt serving as a Marine One Crew Chief (Presidential Helicopter Crew Chief) for both presidents Reagan and Bush.  This experience took me to places like the White House, Camp David, the Reagan's ranch in sunny California, the Bushes summer home in Kennebunkport Maine and almost all 50 states during the Election year.  My fleet services have taken me through out all of the Mediterranean region, the Adriatic Sea, Somalia, Kuwait City, Hong Kong, and East Timor just to name a few.  Currently I have 18+ years in the Corps, and must admit that retirement is starting to creep into the corners of my mind as I anticipate my transition out of the Corps into the life of the ministry.

 I am a licensed pastor in the country of Japan, and currently hold the position as Assistance Pastor of Hope Chapel Okinawa.  My wife and I enjoy the challenges and the blessings associated with the life of the ministry and plan on returning to the Pensacola Florida area where we will either start our own church or assume responsibility of an existing congregation.  This decision is forth coming.

 I have completed all of my college while on active duty and currently hold a Bachelors of Science Degree with the University of Maryland in Management Studies with a minor in Computer Technology.  My educational endeavors have continued as I am in the process of completing my Masters of Science Degree in Education with Troy State University.  I enjoy teaching both Active Duty Marines, their families and other adult students since the demands placed on this category of student is something I am all too familiar with.

I was born in the rural setting of Charleston Illinois where my father was a Mathematics professor at Eastern Illinois University and a Pastor at a small church in an adjacent town.  Before joining the Marine Corps, I spent my entire life in this one small town and graduated from Charleston Sr. High School in 1984 with many of the same people I went through first grade with.  To me this is a blessing as it created life long friends, some of whom I still stay in contact with.  I am sure that most of us have had to endure the disappointment of the Military PCS cycle of: moving, checking in, meeting new people, making friends and then moving on again.

 I look forward to the opportunity to help you achieve your educational goals.  Please feel free to bring any and all of your concerns to me during this course so your goals remain achievable.




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