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Central Texas College, Okinawa Japan

ITSC 2439

Personal Computer Help Desk



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I'm very pleased with how this class progressed and feel all of you learned and gained from the experience.  I know I did.  Your grades for both term project and final exam have been posted.  On the final exam, there were some questions that most students missed so I adjusted the scores by 8 points (for the better).  If you receive your exam back you will notice this adjustment at the top of page 1.  Those of you who gave me a large envelope, I will be mailing your materials out today or tomorrow (7/25-26).  See ya around campus.

Welcome Page

Welcome to the home page for ITSC 2439, Personal computer Help Desk. Please take a moment to review the Syllabus for this class.


click HERE for the spreadsheet feedback example form.

What to expect

The following is a list of what you can expect over the duration of the next 8 weeks.  I have provided this page to help you keep up with the class but I strongly suggest that you not jump too far ahead since there will be additions and changes that I will hand out in class.  Remember, each week may change based on the pace of the class

Week 1    (Wk 1 Homework Assignment

Personal / Class Introductions
Syllabus Handouts
Chapter 1 - Introduction to End User Computing

(Chapter 1 Practice Exam Study Guide)  

Week 2      (Wk 2 Homework Assignment Chapter 2)

                     (Wk2 Homework Assignment Chapter 3)

Chapter 2 - Introduction to Computer User Support
Chapter 3 - Customer Service Skills for User Support

(Chapter 2 Practice Exam Study Guide)  

(Chapter 3 Practice Exam Study Guide)  

Week 3

Chapter 3 Case Project as assigned is class

Week 4   

Chapter 4 - Troubleshooting Computer Problems

(Wk4 Homework Assignment Chapter 4)  

Midterm Examination (Chapters 1-4 on 6/26)

            (Chapter 4 Practice Exam Study Guide)  

Week 5   

Chapter 5 - Common Support Problem   

        (Chapter 5 Practice Exam Study Guide)  

Key Terms:    






   Week 6  

(Wk 6 (Chapter 9) Homework Assignment)  

Chapter 9 - User Needs Analysis and Assessment  

(Chapter 9 Practice Exam Study Guide)  

  Week 7  

Chapter 10 - Installing End User Computer Systems (No Homework)

Wednesday's class will be dedicated to finishing up Term Projects.  Make sure you bring all required materials to work on your project in class.

        Key Terms: 

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Express Installation

Full Installation

Foot Print

Repetitive Strain Injuries


(Chapter 10 Practice Exam Study Guide) 

  Week 8  

(Chapter 11 Practice Exam Study Guide) 

    Key Terms:  

Collaborative Learning

Computer Based Training CBT

Performance Objectives



Chapter 11 - Training Computer Users
Final Examination Review
Final Examination



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Last updated: July 30, 2002.