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Central Texas Collage, Okinawa Japan

ITSC 2439

Personal Computer Help Desk

Michael Hancock - Instructor

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This page contains a list of scheduled project events, and key milestones and deliverables.

In addition, we maintain the following prioritized lists of what we're working on this week, and what we plan to do next week:

This week

  1. resolving naming issues between components
  2. automating weekly build process
  3. updating spec document to reflect marketing input
  4. meeting with potential customer to gather requirements

Next week

  1. interviewing candidate for open engineering position
  2. meeting with Human Factors consultant regarding product usability
  3. creating outline for scheduled report on database connectivity
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Monday 8/4/97, 1:30 pm

Monthly project review.
Location:: main conference room.

Friday 8/8/97, 10:00 am

Project demonstration for senior management.
Location: engineering lab.

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Milestones and Deliverables

Q1 -- Feasibility study and working prototype of new system

Summary report and Visual Basic prototype available.

Q3 -- Report on database connectivity options among competing products

2/3 done.
Projected completion: September 29th.

Q4 -- Release of version 3.2

On track.
Projected ship date: December 11th.

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